Autodesk Show Reel 2010

Shortfilm "El Duelo" is part of the Autodesk's selection for Animation Show Reel 2010, showcasting the best work in film, TV and games projects from leading visual effects and animation customers.



Animazoo News

Manufacturer of leading Motion Capture Systems Animazoo, emphasizes the use of IGS-190 wireless system for implementing beautiful character animation in shortfilm "El Duelo."



Siggraph 2010

During the realization of Siggraph 2010 in Los Angeles CA, attendees were able to see selected images from "El Duelo" adorning the stands of the software companies used in the making of the film.



First Things First.

Now, I have to thank the people who made it possible. To my son, Pedro Luis, for teaching me to see the world through his eyes. To my wife, Ana, because I can't imagine any happiness without her. To my mother and brother, Ligia and Pedro, because it's the best adventure of life to grow surrounded by so much love. To my friends, they know who they are, for their support. A huge kiss and an eternal hug for all of them.

So, what's up with this ? "El Duelo" is a 3D animated shortfilm. It's essentially a one-man project. Storyboards, motion capture, sound design, sound mix, edition, lightning, rigging, animation, mental ray materials, shaders, renders and compositing by Jesus Barrios. El Duelo tells the typical story of combat between a lawman and an outlaw in the Old West ... until a character completely out of place changes the destiny of their lives. Production took about a year and a half from the time the first idea arose until the day of the final compositing render. Short film served to establish a workflow that will allow the realization in the future of complex 3D animation projects. Being director a big fan of spaguetti westerns, "El Duelo" is totally inspired in Sergio Leone's style and direction, with Ennio Morricone's music the greatest influence of all. The music that accompanies the images are not only a perfect remembrance of 70's films, but helped define direction of actions. The end result is a visually gripping story with an incredible soundtrack that surprises the viewer with a few plot twists.

I know you want to see shortfilm... so you can watch it right here:

El Duelo - ShortFilm from Jesus Barrios on Vimeo.


Did I mention music was very important ? That was possible thanks to the extraordinary support of Juan Olmedillo. Juan is the lead singer of a venezuelan band called "Los Mentas". They not only make great music, but also is surprisingly fun to listen. I invite you to learn more about them, listen to their songs and have a good time on their website, which can be found here:

Los Mentas - Official Website

Soundtrack of "El Duelo" was blessed with the participation of the mexican group "Twin Tones". I'm not being generous when I say that is the best band for the realization of music for a western movie. So hurry up and go directly to their website here:

Twin Tones - Official Website


El Duelo Running time: 6 minutes
Formats: HD 720p / Standard NTSC
Color /Stereo
Release Date: July 2010
El Duelo was done with Motion Capture and rendered in FUll HD 720p via Mental Ray, thanks to the combination of technology from Autodesk, Adobe, Animazoo and E-ON Software. Here some production stills:

production 1

Autodesk's software was used to render up to 6 Mental Ray Layers of each element. Click to enlarge

production 2

HDRI Lighting inside E-ON Vue xStream. Files were exported for rendering. Click to enlarge

Skeletons, Skins & Weights were made in Autodesk's Maya Software and exported into FBX files. Click to enlarge

Rigs were constructed inside Autodesk's Motionbuilder. BVH files from MoCap were retargeted to 3D models. Click to enlarge

Animazoo's IGS-190 Suit & Software were used for performance and recording of Motion Capture sessions. Click to enlarge

Compositing inside Adobe After Effects. Mental Ray layers were joined and effects applied to achieve images of surprising beauty. Click to enlarge

And of course...

For the realization of film, all post-production services were provided by Amorpheus... my own post facility. You can find more information about the company and services provided here:

Amorpheus C.A. - Post-Production